“Transformation” by Scott Stephenson, COZMIC DEBRIS MUSIC. BLOG

What better word to describe the evolution of Tamanie Dove? Rarely does an artist grounded in country roots demonstrate the boldness to break through the stylistic stereotypes and succeed in mastering new forms of music. Tamanie is one of those artists. She exhibits pure talent when exploring different areas of the musical universe, and her talent shines through with each new style she explores. This creates an exciting listening experience for her fans, as there can be no expectation of what the next song will bring. Will it be a country ballad, or will it be the next R & B hit? With every step of experimentation, Tamanie blazes the trail for the next generation of indie female artists, setting the bar high, but laying out the framework for success.  Having heard many of the songs on this album, I promise you a thoroughly entertaining journey as you listen to the transformed, Tamanie Dove.