About Tamanie


This Nashville native, now in Atlanta, peaks the interests of listeners with her eclectic brand of Pop, meets Country with a mix of Jazz and a Bluesy Rock blend. There’s something for everyone.

Tamanie (pronounced TA-muh-nee) originally from Hendersonville, Tennessee, grew up backstage at the Grand Ole Opry, literally. Her mother, Carole Dove, comptroller to many Opry artists, kept her close while working with some of Nashville’s greatest. It wasn’t until just a few years ago, that she decided to ramp up her creative side and now enjoys making all kinds of music with some of these folks, including her own son, Matt Mercer. Matt is a well-known Sound Engineer in Nashville and composes, arranges, and masters most of the tracks on her albums. Tamanie truly puts her heart and soul into everything she writes and records, and listeners can tell, and love it.

One of Nashville’s most prolific songwriters, since late 2015, she has written, recorded and released five albums, three more collaboration albums, and over 90 original songs.

“I can remember singing at a very early age, and I guess I’ll never stop.”


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Tamanie is also responsible for the creation of the International Singer Songwriters Association, Inc., a worldwide platform designed to support, educate and promote independent artists.

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